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Unable to Upload valid XML file

Unable to Upload valid XML file

Hi there,

we are Tourism students from the University of Applied Sciences in Munich an we are currently working on an AR App with Publish in Wikitude.

We created our XML scheme after a XML scheme that has already been succesfully published last summer and we also checked the file in an XML validator and it seems to be fine.

However, when I create a new world and upload the file I get a "Save failed" Message after Step 4 and we can´t figure out why it is not uploading. We are not sure whether the XML is faulty or if there is another issue we might not be aware of.

Help would be much appreciated, as we have no idea what to look for.

Best regards,


We were able to upload the file in the meantime.

We can also open our project in Wikitude, but the screen is plain black with no access to the map or the menu and says that no locations could be found.

Could that be due to the format of our coordinates?


This seems to be an issue with fetching your location and doesn't seem to have to do anything with the coordinates of the file you uploaded. Please make sure when testing with the latest Wikitude App version on Android and/or iOS that you have a good internet connection and a valid location.

I hope this helps. Greetings


Hi Nicola,

thank you for your help.

The Internet connection is fine, I also re-installed Wikitude to make sure I got the latest version and I also tried with a Location spoofer.

Any other ideas?



Problem solved

Veronika, hi, what was the reason of upload failure? It seems to me I have the same problem and I try to figure out where to start. Thanks in advance.





looking for a professional developer

Hi ElijahBlare,

Could you please elaborate a bit further and explain to us what exactly is your issue, which SDK version are you using and which platform / extension?

Thank you,


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