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unsecure login via http at wikitude developer zone

unsecure login via http at wikitude developer zone


the login at is done via http only, meaning that the login data (username + password) gets transfered unencrypted (and can be intercepted easily for example when logging into the site at a public wlan hotspot)! Please fix this as this is a real security issue IMO...



Thanks Robert,

We are aware of this. However, at the given time, we do not support https logins.


Thanks for your reply Martin! As you might know I implemented a Wikitude API for my WordPress mapping plugins "Leaflet Maps Marker"(>315.000 users) and "Maps Marker Pro" which allows my users to easily create a World in Wikitude based on their geolocation data added in WordPress. As security of my products are really important to me, I would really appreciate it if you as third-party from my perspective also held up to security standards like https for logins (I am offering my users a tutorial at and part of that tutorial is login to your dev zone)
best regards,
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