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Unable to upload valid ARML file

Unable to upload valid ARML file

hi all,

sorry for the simple question, but searching online i found different document, howto, guide, etc regarding how to create a valid ARML file for Wikitude... and still i didn't found a way to upload a valid ARML file :  the wikitude app on my android phone "see" the new version of the file (i change the description or the name inside the xml) but it show the "no poi available" message.

Where could i found a working sample to generate a valid arml file ? my target is to let my server generate dynamically the file (so... using the "webservice" feature of wikitude), but at the moment i'm trying to upload manually the file (attached my last version).

Could help me troubleshooting the problem ? Or maybe, help me about having a verbose output about the arml problems wikitude discover in my file.

thanks in advance, regards,


Hi Giuliano,

Remember that you have to put the coordinates of the POIs in the form longitude,latitude. You've put it the other way round, latitude,longitude, which makes your POIs end up somewhere in the heart of Somalia :-)



Thank you very much for your time and help!

Inverting coordinates fixed the problem.


          best regards, giuliano

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