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GeoObject appears at a different direction.

GeoObject appears at a different direction.

This happens to me too on iPad.

Every startup, the object mapped on GeoLocation appears on different location or are we doing it wrong?


As mentioned by Andreas, the issue might be the digital compass of your device. Our SDK is using values that are returned from the system to distinguish the position of the POI on the screen. And if these values are off, the POI location on the display is not as accurate as needed.

I hope this helps. Greetings




I have a GeoObject located at specified location. The issue I am experiencing is that every other time I start mobile application it shows GeoObject at a different location. Sometimes even in an oposite direction. I am testing this code while being in the office on wifi. The location I am specifying is 170 meters away from me across the street. Why would it display GeoObject in an opisite direction some times? Also how often does Location object gets updated with a new Lat and Lon?


// create GeoObject

  var markerLocation = new AR.GeoLocation(49.221939930484425, -122.98710166727687,100);

  var distanceToUser = markerLocation.distanceToUser();


  var markerObject = new AR.GeoObject(markerLocation, {

   drawables: {





Thank you very much! 




Hi Sergey,
That's somehow expected behaviour. The device sensors (Compass) are not that accurate, especially when you're insede a building. Please do your final application tests outside where no disturbing objects are around you.


Best regards

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