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problem with geolacation in titanium

problem with geolacation in titanium

hi , sorry for my english .

I use titanium studio 3.4 ,titanium module 4.0 and an iphone 5 with IOS8 .

I downloaded TitaniumWikitudeSample ( ModuleSample ) from github and imported in Titanium Studio.

Launch the app on my iphone but it does not work because you do not enable localization.

To run it, i must manually authorize the geolocation for the application. I have to go in Settings-> Privacy-> Location- > ModuleSample and select "Always" .

I have to do this every time you launch the application.

before to updating to IOS8 worked great !

What do I do ?

iOS 8 requires a new info.plist entry in your iOS application. See the example below for teh key and possible value.


    <string>Accessing GPS information is needed to display POIs around your current location</string>


Best regards



hi , thank you for your response .
I tried to edit the info.plist file but it still does not work.

the info.plist file is generated each time you run the application .

I have to import the file into the Titanium project ?


hi Andreas,

i have create this tag in tiapp.xml:

in <ios> I add

                <string>Autorizza l'applicazione ad usare la tua posizione</string>

that's rigth?

now the Geolocation work(in settings->privacy->location-> my app is checked), but the application not show the POI.

I have to add something to the code ?
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