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Changing VideoDrawable properties

Changing VideoDrawable properties

Hi , I wanted to change the uri of the videodrawable but I can't even get the uri of a VideoDrawable object. I can get the height or any other property but the uri I can't get or change it. here's my code:

this.vid = new AR.VideoDrawable("assets/movie.mp4",0.5, {offsetX:0.0,offsetY:0.0});

alert(this.vid.uri); //returns null

alert(this.vid.height); //returns 0.5

I'll appreciate if you can help me with this.

Thanks very much

Hi Joee,

Due to the fact that VideoDrawables have an asynchronous loading behavior, you cannot change the URI of a VideoDrawable.

You need to create a new VideoDrawable when you want to display a video from another source.


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