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android : using pictures saved in internal storage in html

android : using pictures saved in internal storage in html


I am developing an app based on the wikitude sample "browsing pois -> native detail screen".

When a POI is clicked, I would like to display in the details panel a picture present in my internal storage (the picture is taken by the user in the same app so I can't place it in my assets folder).

Is there a way to do that ? Can we access the pictures present in internal storage of the app (or from pictures folder of the phone) from index.html ?


Hi Arthur!

Accessing images from external storage is not part of the Wikitude SDK as such.
What you see on top of your camera is a customized default Android WebView, with all of its features and limitations.

Please have a look at e.g. stackoverflow discussions on this topic.
Hope this helps.

Kind regards,

Hi, thanks for the help.

Sorry for the delay but my project was pending.
So now I want to access the Webview of the ArchitectView but how to do that?
I understand that the WebView is contained in ArchitectView but I don't find any function allowing to access the WebView in documentation.



Thanks it works ! (I just had to change the return statement of your proposition to void)

Hi there!

Given fact that the ARchitectView is a GroupView, you may e.g. use this (untested) approach

private static void modifyArchitectWebView(View rootView) {

if (rootView instanceof WebView) { 

// TODO apply your changes here - without any warranty on side-effects!

final WebView architectWebView = (WebView)rootView;


else if (rootView instanceof ViewGroup) {

final int childCount = ((ViewGroup)rootView).getChildCount();

for (int i=0; i< childCount; i++) {









Note: Changes in WebView may affect behavior of the Wikitude SDK
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