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POIs around - Holding the phone

POIs around - Holding the phone

Hi Ramesh,

Interesting idea, however this is not something we are currently focussing on. The API does not allow any other drawing configurations other than the "overlay with the real world"-mode.



Isn't this a common issue? Am I the only one facing this issue? If yes, please help me out with a solution. Thanks.

This is probably answered already somewhere, but I couldn't find the answer, so any help would be appreciated. For a POIs around me kind of application, all the samples seem to suggest that the phone in hand needs to be held upright and the person holding the phone needs to spin around him/herslef to see the POIs around. This will put the user in a awkward position if the user is in a crowded place since the crowd around the user might think that the user is doing something fishy. Is there a way to avoid this? For example, can the POIs be drawn even if the phone is held parallel to the ground or at some angle so that it looks like a normal phone usage?


K. Ramesh
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