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Works Great on iOS - Not on Android

Works Great on iOS - Not on Android

I am running Titanium SDK 3.2.3 and I am getting my sample app to work great on iOS but I can't get it to do either image recognition or video on Android devices.  Are there any known issues with the Android platform and Wikitude.  Everything loads correctly and I get the camera to come up.  I just can't get an overlay to happen on any image with Android.  Thanks.

Hi Jeff,

Did you already try the provided Titanium Wikitude SDK Sample application on github?

Which device are you using. Does the same issue occur on other Android Phones as well?

With how many stars does the Wikitude Target Manager rate your targets?

Please check Console output (of "adb -d logcat") for eventual JavaScript / Android code errors

I hope some of the above can help you solve the isse.
If not: Please send e-mail with code snippets / sample project to reproduce the issue, referring to this post to android (at) wikitude (dot) com.

Kind regards,
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