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Webviews blank after using Wikitude

Webviews blank after using Wikitude


I'm the developer of an Android app that utilizes the Wikitude SDK (latest version, 3.3.1) to essentially show POI.  This works fine, and we've been using Wikitude for this application since version 1, but recently I'm experiencing a problem.

After using in AR view, regardless of whether any POI load, or even for just a split second, no webviews will load anywhere else in the app.  The webviews load perfectly fine before, but the second wikitude is utilized, they'll never do anything more than load a blank page.  The AR activity onDestroy is called, as is architectView.onDestroy() when leaving if that helps.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!




can you provide us more information about device and OS version?

We have released a bugfix-version in the Developer Channel, could you check if your problem is already solved?

If not, could you provide us a sample project with which we can reproduce teh problem?

Thank you.

Thanks for your response.  I have tested this with a Verizon Optimus Exceed 2, a Nexus 5 (both running Android 4.4.2), and a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 running 4.2.2 and have experienced the problem on all three.

I will check the bugfix-version you mentioned, but unfortunately don't have time to build a sample project right now.  I did manage to have success by removing architectView.onDestroy() from the AR class and moving it in to my main activity.  While this caused some intermittent crashing that I'm yet to iron out, it did solve the problem of webviews loading blank after using AR.

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