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Fixing POIs on an axis

Fixing POIs on an axis


I want to always show the POIs regardless of where the camera is pointed in the Y axis. This effect would let you place a device on a desk and use it like a compass to POIs yet still be able to hold the device vertical and look around for POIs; it's easier to show other people POI directions this way. My problem is that the POIs always render relative to the camera and I can't find a way of rendering them relative to the screen itself.

Alternatively maybe I can move the default rendering horizon as the camera moves?

The least ideal solution would be trying to compensate each POI's position as the camera moves but that'd lag many devices.

Any help would be appreciated,


From what understood you might be looking fro direction indicators. They will appear as soon as a GeoObject is moved offscreen and will be displayed at the screen's border to indicate the direction a GeoObject is.

To enable them set a any Drawable to your GeoObject's drawables.indicators property.

No, not direction indicators. What I need is to have the actual POI still shown on the screen even if the camera isn't pointing at it directly.

You can assign the same drawables to the indicators property to have the POI appear even if the user isn't pointing on the actual location. That is if you want to indicate direction as well. If you just want to display it static in the center I would suggest displaying it in the html which is overlaid as a HUD. Even a combination of staticly displaying the POI in the center and indcating its direction using a direction indicator would be possible.

Let me know if you want to achieve something different, detailing the specifc usecase.

Maybe I'm not communicating my intent effectively. I want the POIs to move around but only horizontally, never vertically (or maybe slightly). It's not that the POIs never leave the screen, it's that they never move in response to vertical motion.

A rough illustration is If you point the device at the sky the POI's shouldn't move but if you turn from left to right they should move as normal.

Unfortunately this is not possible with the current SDK. I've noted it as feature request and we will discuss it internally and it might make it into an upcoming version.
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