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Problems installing plugin wikitude

Problems installing plugin wikitude


I have the eclipse with adt android and downloaded a plugin for phonegap build projects, I'm trying to install the plugin wikitude on a project that I created with phonegap plugin but not how. the console is not recognize as if it is a phonegap project and I can not install it. 

I have downloaded the plugin and I have the files in a folder, I can put it manually? 


Structure :



  - src

  - gen

  - assets

        - www

             - cordova-1.9.0.js

             - index.html

  - bin 

  - libs

       - cordova-1.9.0.jar

  - res

  - androidManifest.xml 



thank you very much!

You can add the wikitude plugin to your project by using the phonegap command-line tool:
phonegap local plugin add

Please refer to the the instructions on the developer web site:


I've tried but I can not. 

so want to do it manually.

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