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Wikitude not working with Epson BT200

Wikitude not working with Epson BT200

Hi - We are evaluating use of wikitude with the Movario BT-200 but image tracking is not working.

We are using the US Supplied Epson BT-200 "model H560A".

I have downloaded the 3.2.2 SDK, and installed "WikitudeSDKSamples.apk" on to the BT200 glasses using 

adb -d install -r

The demo appears to install and launch as it should and I get the menus and instructions. However augmentation only happens with the location/gyro based solar system demo. None of the image based demos do anything - ie the BT-200 screen stays black except for title and status bars when I look at the sample images up close, far away, under bright light, under low light.

I have tried using both on-screen and printed sample images. 

I have successfully installed a unity+vuforia demo on the glasses using unity's "build & run" so my developer USB connection is working. 

My Bt-200's are running Android version 4.04 as supplied by Epson.

Are there any developer or other settings I need to adjust in the BT-200's? Is there anything else I might have missed? Has the demo been tested on BT200's?

Thanks for your help.



Hi there!

Since the BT-200 is see-through finding the right taret in the scene without actually seeing the camera is quite tricky.
To enable "real AR" we decided to display black/transparency instead of the real camera-surface in the BT-200 SDK.

Please give it some more tries and you'll see the augmentations on your BT-200 device.
Note that the camera of your smartphone shows the scene way smaller than you'd see it in real life. As a rule of thumb: ensure the target is centered in the "black bar" of your BT-200 field of view and overlaps and bottom no more than the actual heigh of the "black bar".

Kind reagards,
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