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Phonegap 3.3.0 + Wikitude 3.2.1 + iOS = Random Crashes

Phonegap 3.3.0 + Wikitude 3.2.1 + iOS = Random Crashes

Hi Roberto,
Sorry for the late response but we released a new SDK version this week (3.3) and this always require a huge amount of attention.

You could try the latest SDK, otherwise open the Xcode Organizer, select your device and from the crash report secton you can export the crash report and send it to us.

Best regards


I'm developing an application that will be deployed on android and iOS both.

This app is running on top of Phonegap 3.3.0 and i'm using wikitude 3.2.1

The app works fine on Android (no crashes), but randomly it crashes on iOS.

There isn't a event releated to this bug: it could crash if i touch a POI, but it crashes even if i don't touch anything and i let it runs (as i said it's completely rand.

I can't send you the app because i'm under NDA with this one.

I would like to receive some informations about collecting useful informations when i encounter a crash on iOS because, for now, i never saw anything useful from xcode.

I know it's hard to solve an issue like this, but i would only to receive some infos in order to help you (and help me i hope).
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