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Improve Compass Precision

Improve Compass Precision


we're developing an application based on GPS localization.

I found that when the compass is fully and perfectly calibrated the application works well.

But if the compass it's not calibrated an error of 30 or more degrees make the experience like an hell.


I was thinking about a procedure to full calibrate the compass every time I start the application.


In iOS i saw that, sometimes, it asks for a calibration but the user could exit from it even if the compass it's not fully calibrated. Is there a way to force the user to complete it (the 2 circles must be filled entirely)?

In Android i can't find anything similar and it's curious because i can't explain how wikitude could work on an android device if the geolocalization is completely wrong. I try with 5 different android devices ( Samsung Tab 10.0, LG Optimus One, Motorola G, Nexus 5 and Galaxy Nexus) and only one, the Galaxy Nexus works well (simply testing with a compass app, i see that if i move the device from a parallel position to the ground to a tangential position to the ground, the compass goes crazy (10° to 30° of error)).


Please tell me there is a solution because if it's not i can't use wikitude at all :(

No one?

On iOS which value Wikitude writes as headingFilter and desiredAccuracy ?

On iOS i see that, every more or less 5 seconds, stand in the same position, the POIs change their poisition on the screen. Is it normal?

Hi I don´t if you fixed your problem (after 2 years) but I'm facing something similar with an LG G3 :(

The other problem with the POIs you had I "fixed" making the app to update the POIs every 15 meters, this way the POIs don'd blink and jump every time the user moves.

Hope this helps someone
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