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GPS No work...

GPS No work...

Hi Roberto!

Please have a look at the class in the WikitudeSDK Samples. Location strategy implemented there is very basic. Please have a look at various recommended approaches (e.g. Google Play Services). Location fetching is a special topic and not covered by our Android SDK, you may e.g. use your own indoor location library or also support devices without accurate GPS sensors...

Kind regards,

Wolfgang Damm, Andreas Hauser

Thank you very much works great now.

my problem is solved

Hello friend 


have active GPS but I can not get my location, when you start the application does not use the gps and so I can not have my location, this only happens only happens with the application I'm trying to do, because when I install the apk sample great work. 


The hardware is well my phone (Xperia Play) 

I think the problem was that I needed some instruction in MainActivity .. but not sure because the documentation does not mention anything about this or have not read that part. 


Thanks for help


I am not entirely sure what the exact problem is. If your GPS is not active you will not receive a location. A location is required for augmented reality. Please test on your device if you get a location within e.g. google maps. If not this is a problem on your phone and you might need to configure it correctly (enable location services, get a GPS fix, ...).

Let me know if this is not the problem and please include a more detailed explanation.


I'm new to this api, while not quite understand how it works, I'm trying to follow the documentation, and I have found that in the examples of POI my GPS is not active and does not give me my sailing is not where I am wrong, and I ask for your help to solve this ... the examples in the SDK are very complex for me in the part of android. 


I need guidance. 

anyway I leave a link where my project.
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