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World Not Approved

World Not Approved

I've created a world in Wikitude, dynamically generated from a php script. It worked fine a couple days ago, displaying points and everything, but now its status has changed to "Your World is not approved and therefore will not appear in Wikitude." The script still generates the same ARML - The points are all located within a mile or so of each other and don't do anything fancy.

Does anyone have any idea what it could be?

Hi Sidles,

Thanks for taking the time to enjoy Wikitude.

I just checked your "World": there are a couple of points  which could be improved in order to fix the issue:

a) Placemark id="4" named "Chemistry Building" contains a description with double quote ("Chemistry D?). In particular, the closing double quote seems to be a character which creates some trouble.

b) Placemark id="21" named "UBC Asian Centre" contains an invalid longitude (-123.25.843). 

c) The content-type response is set to a custom vendor (application/ It shouldn't be a problem, but I would suggest to set to a "standard" content-type for XML content.

Once the above points are in place, please contact us in this thread so that we can make things fastier for you.

Have a nice day,


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