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Android sample have code errors

Android sample have code errors
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I've found some problems in your sample and in your documentations, so I want to report them to you.
I've downloaded your complete sample from github and I've opened it on eclipse and on xcode to give a first look at the code.
The ios part works well, I can export the application.
The android part, opened with eclipse, shows lots of code errors that prevent the exportation of the apk. I didn't change the code, just download -> open -> export. I'll attach a screenshot of the file with errors.

I've tried to download again the samples just in case the first download had problems, but nothing change.
Searching on this forum I've found this:
"In that case please go to the Eclipse preferences menu and uncheck the following options:
?Force error when external jars contain native libraries?.
IMPORTANT: Due to a bug in the current release of the Android Eclipse plugin (r16) it might be necessary to uncheck the option ?Automatically refresh Resources and Assets folder on build? instead."
but doesn't work.
Can you help me?

I'm working with phonegap 3.3, Xcode 5.0.2, android developer tools v 22.3.0 with Eclipse 4.2.1. Work on a Mac Book pro with OS 10.8.5

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