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problem with starting app

problem with starting app

I'm trying to use your product in my app because I need to create an app that can recognize the peaks of specific mountains in my country (italy. and.. about this sorry for my bad english, hope that you can understand it).
I'm new on this kind of coding so I'm blocked at the beginning of the project.
I'm working with phonegap and this is what I've done: install xcode and eclipse with SDK, create a new project for ios and android with cordova add platform, install the ios wikitude plugin with terminal (plugman install..), install wikitude sdk in android.
Now I don't know how proceed.
Do I need only to copy and past all the files of wikitude phonegap samples from github in my app to make AR works?  and then what I need to do?
I've created the world folder, but what i need to do with it?
Which code I need to copy in a specific html page to call the wikitude functions?
The xcode and eclipse simulators work with wikitude or I need to install the app on my device? If I open the phonegap samples with xcode I have the request of world url and if i click on the link below it say to me that the device is not supported, on eclipse the simulator simply doesn't work (need to force it to close).
I've read the documentations on you site and the forum many times but I don't understand it very well and now I'm confuse.
If you need additional informations please tell me.


Hi Martina,

we just added some explanaition on how to work with the plugin after you have installed the plugin (iOS PhoneGap documentation).  Your main place to work is your world file, which has all the AR experience in it. You can use the sample application as a reference and starting point, but it is not mandatory at all.

Once you have the basic setup running (like building the sample app) you should move to your own world file and work on that. Please let me know if you are getting there or not, so we can assist you.



Hi Philipp, thanks for your reply.
I've read the guide and the examples, maybe I'm doing something wrong and I hope you can help me figure it out.
I'll give you a specific run through of what I did (based on your setup guide phonegap plugin ios) to explain myself better.

The guide says:
1- create a PhoneGap project. Done, the folder was created in the right place and without errors.
2a- Create the World folder in common www. Done, I've manually created it.
2b- "The Example section include several examples how to create an ARchitect World." Here I assume I'm required to manually create my project World folder content and so I did. I've created a structure of empty files and folders following the examples (index.html, js/*, css/*, assets/* and .js file named after the project). I went on with the examples section of the guide. I've focused in particular on the POI examples since they are purpose of my app. I've cross-checked the parts of code mentioned there with the files I've found on github. Lastly I've copied the relevant files from your examples to my app World folder.
3- Buid project for ios. Done with success.
4- Add the plugin with the specific command. Done without error. The files in my World folder have been copied in my ios.
5- Launch the application with Xcode. Done. I've made a screenshot of the resulting folder.

Honestly I'm not even sure this was the right process because the guide is not really clear on that.
I'm supposing that the .js files I have obtained from the step 2b here above are where the AR code I need is located, but the index is empty so these files are not linked and I dont' know what javascript would make them so. I'm not even certain that the code in the .js files works anymore since I've taken the files from each example folder and merged them in my project folder.

Now, if I try to launch the simulation as it is I obtain the standard phonegap "device ready" screen as in the index.html file from the www folder.
It is my understanding that the function <a href="javascript:loadAR(0, 0);">1.1 Image on Target</a> is supposed to connect my www index with the World index but if I add it as it is it gives an unresponding link (I was expecting a blank page since my World index is empty). I have searched without success this function in your Wikitude ARchitect v3.0 API Documentation and I don't know how to set it myself.

At this point I really need some guidance: I have read figuratively all your forum (I can almost say literally), I've read the guides various times and I've searched your references for the functions explained in the examples without success (in the guide's "javascript interface" section there are descriptions of the AR functions but no actually information on how to build and call them nor where to place them).

Sorry for the wall of text, I really hope you can provide me some assistance on how to proceed.

Thank you vey much,

P.S. I'm working with phonegap 3.3, Xcode 5.0.2, android developer tools v 22.3.0 with Eclipse 4.2.1. Work on a Mac Book pro with OS 10.8.5
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