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HTML Widget

HTML Widget

I would like to add a HTML5 game to a Wikitude target image. The idea is to make a simple HTML5 game generated with Construct 2.

I tried to open an example project with a HTML widget but the mouse/touch events doesn't work in Wikitude on my Android device. I use an iframe to load attached example "game".

When I open the html page without Wikitude everything works fine. Can someone advice me how I can forward touch events to this iframe?


Currently only click events are supported with HtmlDrawables. Unfortunately this means you will need to load the game directly in the architectview.

Thanks for your response. Can you explain more in detail how I can do that? 

I tried the code below without success. 


<canvas id="c2canvas" width="400" height="500"> </canvas>


<script src=""></script>

<script src=""></script>




// Start the Construct 2 project running on window load.

jQuery(document).ready(function ()


// Create new runtime using the c2canvas







What errors do you see? Is it working in the phones browser? Have you tried debugging it with the ondevice debugging (iOS 6/7 or Android 4.4). A descritpion on how to do that is included in our SDK Documentation.

Hi Jan Dijk,


I am using also Construct 2. However, when I load my index.html as htmldrawable, only black background appears. Any ideas about referencing or path finding? Thanks!


I am also facing similar issue. 

on HTML Widgets, touch events are not happening?

@Wikitude team: found any solution for this?

Any news about supporting touch event within HTMLDrawables ?

Hello Amaury,

We currently don?t plan any feature updates regarding the HTMLDrawable in the near future. In addition, I would strongly recommend to use other types of augmentations, as the HTMLDrawables might behave differently on different devices - so there is no guarantee that the augmentation is looking or behaving the same on different devices.

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