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Green flashes

Green flashes

SDK 4.0.1 has some improvement for this device:

- flashlight can be activated via Javascript
- camera is used in asynchronous mode in order to avoid the "green frames" issue.

This also applies to other HTC device, like the Nexus One.

If the issue is still relevant, please check with the latest SDK release.
Hi Jan, Thanks for the provided device info.
We'll have a closer look at this issue. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do to workaround this (driver caused) issue.
You may test your app on another device and blacklist this device via GooglePlay backoffice in the meantime.

Kind regards,

Do you have any idea for a solution in short notice?

Thanks for your response, I use a HTC Desire HD without custom software.

It's an old phone with Android 2.3.5 kernel-version


Hi Jan,

Unfortunately this is a camera driver issue of the device.
We have the device in the office with a custom ROM installed with the same behavior. Once the cam is dark some green frames "appear out of the blue".

Please test on other devices and let me know the Android Version and if there is a custom ROM installed for further investigation.

Kind regards,

I tried to visualize a Wikitude page with a HTC Desire HD. Unfortunately the results were disappointing.

It looks like the focus function doesn't work and the light conditions are very important. In an area without bright lighting the Wikitude app doesn't recognize anything.

Is it an option to activate the flashlight in low light conditions? 


Does someone have experience with Wikitude and HTC Desire HD?

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