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points of interest superimposed

points of interest superimposed

Could someone please help me to provide solution to that, I want the time to click on a group of markers unfold around me that point of interest points that are grouped, also makes the application of wikitude

Hi Darwin,

Please have a look at this forum post which is related to your request.



actually clustering of points already have, I'd like to know how to present in the world of augmented reality what I want to do is present to that effect or animation to move from the center to the side of the point as well as does wikitude own application using the option of my Around

Once you know what points to cluster. You can represent a cluster with a single GeoObject. Once this point is clicked (onClick trigger), just add Drawables for the POIs it is composed of.

To animate the "opening" of a cluster use AR.PropertyAnimations and AR.GroupAnimation (allow to group animations to be executed in parallel or sequential) that you apply to the drawables. The properties offsetX, offsetY will allow you to move a drawable away from the center. The scale property scales a drawable in size. See the SDK samples for Point of Interests for a complete example code on how to apply animations to drawables. The sample however do not include the clustering, this is something you must implement for yourself.
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