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Disable location permission request on iOS

Disable location permission request on iOS



I have created an application that uses Wikitude SDK and ImageRecognition feature only.

However, when the applicatoin is started on iOS device, the Wikitude SDK asks user about permission to use his current location.


The message is default iOS alert when someone tries to get location details, the full message is: "Application" would like to use your current location. With buttons: Don't allow / Allow.


My questions are:

1. If its possible to do not show this alert? How can I do that?

2. Why Wikitude SDK needs my location when I use only ImageRecognition feature?


I have disabled sensors in JS, right after architect.js initiation:

<script src="architect://architect.js"></script>

<script> = false;





We are aware of this issue with IR only AR experiences. At the moment unfortunately you cannot do anything about it and the location is required.

We are working on a fix for this and will release it with our next SDK update. Please stay tuned.


Thank you for quick answer. I'm looking forward for the next SDK update. Thanks!

Wolfgang, I am experiencing exactly the same issue :(. May I enquire if it has been fixed? Is there a way not to request Location permissions when Image Recognition is used only? If user does not allow app to read their location then Image recognition does not word at all.

Please check with the latest version. A fix for it was included in an SDK version early this year.

Check out the iOS reference and the set the WTAugmentedRealityMode to IR. This will remove sensors and asking for permission to use location data.

Dead Link the iOS reference


This changed in the last years - please check out the latest iOS documentation and the WTFeatures class.


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