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Image Recognition with 3d not working. Help appreciated

Image Recognition with 3d not working. Help appreciated

Hi Ian,

the Wikitude SDK is working on smartphones and tablets and related hardware, but not on a desktop machine. As the Wikitude SDK is based on web technolgies, the SDK is called web SDK. Sorry for the confusion. If you decide to still give it a try on iOS or Android, the documentation should give you a good idea how to setup your project.

Hi all,

I am a Computer Science College Student, and i just downloaded the wikitude ARchitect web trial version from the downloads section. I was looking through the examples and i tried opening the index.html file for the image recognition with 3d example,

it opens up a wikitude page and its not doing anything.

I noticed that my webcam did not turn on by itself, so my question is -

Do I personally need to set up the camera and everything myself?

Is there a simple image recognition 3d example that works that i could get?

How have you all learned how to use this SDK?


All help is appreciated. Also, i am working on a Macbook Pro.

Thank you for your time.
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