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Android + PhoneGap : Updating to 3.2 breaks BackButton event handling

Android + PhoneGap : Updating to 3.2 breaks BackButton event handling

Hi Nisha,

I'm no longer working on that project and I don't know if it was updated to 3.3

If you have a look at the Sample Application, you'll have all the examples you might need. (specially the file)

Good luck,




I am stuck with back button on android. I am using wikitude 3.3 and nothing happens when i press back button on wikitude camera.

I am using phonegap.

Can you please let me know what should I do?? I am new to wikitude and have no clue.




Thanks, that did it.

For anyone needing it, the back button handling is in l.578 (method addArchitectView())


Hi there!

Previous backbutton handling caused issues on some Android devices out there.
The latest Module comes with a sample application and a new approach for the "go back" behavior.

Please have a look at github fpr the sample application and the latest Module

Besides backbutton changes, also the location handling was improved, because under certain circumstances the location was not reported via PhoenGap.

I recommend you to use 3.2 for new projects and go for the old module in existing projects.

Kind regards,



I updated my Android phonegap app to 3.2 SDK and the backbutton event handler is not called anymore when pushing the back button from inside the AR view.

The AR view is simply hidden and no callback is ever called.

Reverting the jar to 3.1 solves the issue.

Is there any change that has been made to the way the button has to be handled ?




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