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Issue setting up SDK - ARchitectWorld not working.

Issue setting up SDK - ARchitectWorld not working.


Thanks for the help, turns out I had some corrupt files. All working now.



Within the 'js' folder the imagerecognition.js file, AR.Tracker has been set to path "assets/" this is the correct path as there is a folder within the ARchitectWorld 'assets' containing ''.

ARchitechWorld - assets -,imageOne.png, etc.
               - imagerecognition.js
               - css 
               - index.html
               - ade.js

As far as I understand you are trying to load a World form the Sample Application in your own App and now the 'loading' message does not disappear. 

The loading message will normaly disappear when the .wtc file is loaded, so make sure that the realtive path of the .wtc file in the App bundle is correctly set in the 'new AR.Tracker('path/to/')'.


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I am using Wikitude 3.2, the example SDK is working on the device. However adding the framework to my own application and using the IR sample code within the SDK to test it, it does not work. I am using ARchitectWorld. within this folder I have stored the assets, css, js folders and kept both the ade.js and index.html.

Within the UIController I have used the following code:

NSURL *architectWorldUrl = ;




which device and operating system are you using for testing? Am I right, that you are working with Wikitude SDK version 3.2?

For both iOS and Android, please check whether your phone is under the supported devices for image recognition. Also, if you are using Wikitude SDK 3.2 for iOS there is a known issue when using blank spaces (or other HTML-encoded characters) as file or directory names for your assets.

Thank you for your quick response. I have not yet used Vuforia. I am using the example of image recognition provided with the SDK in my own application. It contains -, any ideas?


As you are referencing .wtc it looks like you are using Wikitude SDK 3.x. Wikitude dropped support for Vuforia in that version, so generating your target collection with the Vuforia tool won't work. You need to generate your target collection using  Tools >> Target Manager After you added your own target collection, make sure to replace the ID of the target images in the sample code (e.g. pageOne) with your own IDs.


I am having an issue setting up an IR app. The AR viewer simply displays "loading...". I am using the code provided within the example SDK within my own application (e.g. Any sugguestions on what I may have failed to account for? I have created my own datasets through vuforia which I will eventually implement once I can resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance.

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