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TARGET MANAGEMENT feature, in house

TARGET MANAGEMENT feature, in house


as solution architect of a larger IT project, I'm evaluating the acquiring of the Wikitude technology regarding a subset of AR mobile apps that are in scope of the whole solution.

A concern of mine is regarding the feature of Target Management required in order to process images and package collections. I haven't found - in your offering or trials- any reference about an available tool (excluding the interactive web tool) that can be used offline, near client site and can be automated to support massive target analysis.

I've miss something? May I have clarification?


An extension for running the target generation scripts on your own server is available in combination with the Wikitude SDK PRO upon request. The technical requirements for the script are (as of Nov 13):


Technical Requirements:
- Ubuntu Linux (tested with 10.0.4)
- Mac OS (tested with 10.7 and up)
- OpenCV 2.4.X to be installed on the host machine (


I'll contact you directly for more details  - other interested in this extension please contact us at
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