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HELP! Trying to change image in the 6_Video_1_SimpleVideo

HELP! Trying to change image in the 6_Video_1_SimpleVideo

Hi there,

So I am trying to understand this API but the Tutorials are not clear enough about how to customize the AR experience. I created an App as stated in the Setup Guide iOS and all worked perfectly. Then I added the html from the examples: 6_Video_1_SimpleVideo, along with the assets and tried to change the image to one of my own, as well as change the reference to that image in the file video.js. It seems everything is wrong since I cannot see the same video with the new image. 


So how can i proceed to change video and image and see if this API will work for my client?


Thanks for any kind of help



Hello Ignacio,

After changing the target collection (wtc file), you also need to change the target identifier, i.e. if your target image is named 'pageOne.jpg' then you need to specify the target ID 'pageOne' when creating the AR.Trackable2DObject.

var pageOne = new AR.Trackable2DObject(this.tracker, "pageOne", {    drawables: {       cam: overlayOne    } });


Can you please check if that target ID is set properly?

Best regards,

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