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Target Image not getting recongnized

Target Image not getting recongnized

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Hi Nicolas,

After setting the target ID properly it was able to recognize the target in the camera view. Thanks for your prompt response and support.


Navin Mandal.

Hello Navin,

after changing the target collection, you also need to change the target identifier, i.e. if your target image is named 'pageOne.jpg' then you need to specify the target ID 'pageOne' when creating the AR.Trackable2DObject.

var pageOne = new AR.Trackable2DObject(this.tracker, "pageOne", {
drawables: {
cam: overlayOne


Can you please check if that target ID is set properly?

Best regards,



I am new to wikitude and is trying to work on image on target kind of app. I have been able to run sample SDK example of Image on Target app on my HTC one X mobile having Android 4.2.2 on it. I have made a separate project in eclipse and have been trying to run the Image on Target app. The app is able to recognize the sample image with target file. However when i replace the same with my own target file the app is not able to recognize it. I have created the target using the target manager and it is having two star rating. I am using the same imagerecognition.js file as supplied with the SDK sample. I have just changed the target and the overlay image file. The new target and the overlay is present it the assets folder.

Please help me to solve this issue of image recognition with my app.



Navin Mandal.
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