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Play customized animation from 3D model (like Unity)

Play customized animation from 3D model (like Unity)

Hello, I've got a 3D model with some animations (idle, walk, running, etc.) and I'd like to play them each other in a Wikitude project with several triggers. I know that in Unity you can play a concrete animation by -->"animation_name") but I don't know how I can do this in Wikitude. Could you help me?


unfortunately AnimationClips are currently not supported. That means that only one animation for one object is supported. AnimationClips are planned though. If you subscribed to the developer newsletter you will be informed as soon as the feature is available.


I would like to see this feature as well as we have a similar need for multiple animations on a single 3D character. Do you have any roadmap when it may be available?


The support of animation clips is on our feature list. Unfortunately I can't give you any details to our roadmap. Please watch the release notes of future releases or subscribe our newsletter to be up to date.

Thank's for your understanding,
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