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SDK v2.0 license keys not working with v3.1

SDK v2.0 license keys not working with v3.1
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Hi there,

I've had to do an update of my iOS app for the App Store. The app that's currently on the App store uses the Wikitude 2.0 SDK with a license for <200 users. I didn't want to make any changes to the Wikitude side of the app but when I tried to submit the update to the App Store I was told that it was invalid because it referenced an API that looked at the device's UDID, which is illegal. I discovered that this was due to a problem in the Wikitude 2.0 SDK. Wikitude released v2.1 to get around this problem. I can't seem to find this version of the SDK now and have had to download the latest SDK 3.1.

I've built this and it runs but now the Wikitude browser is coming up with the Trial watermark and the logo on launch. Will my v2.0 license keys not work with v3.1? And if not, will they work with v2.1 and how can I download this version of the SDK?

Thanks for the help,



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