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problem POI name clicked

problem POI name clicked

Hi, i edited the 5.1 sample in a way that show a POIs list from myJsonData. The function "onMarkerSelected" called from Json works except it show wrong informations. I mean, in the "name" label there is "POI#1" and in "description" label "This is the description of POI#1" wich are not the correct information i added in the file "myJsonData.js"

Can  someone please tell me where i'm making mistakes?

I'm using the last 3.1 SDK and Android Phonegap.

Thanks in advance


Hi Brus,

This sounds strange, in fact, because the displayed information is used directly from JSON and is not hard-coded somewhere.
Also check that POI-information is same in native and JS.

Kind regards,

Hi Andreas,

i checked all information in both JS and Json but it still gave me the wrong information. Is there a way to check if the index.html of the AR in wikitude inside the app, takes the correct information using ade.js?


kind regards 

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