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Wikitude, LocationManager and Accuracy

Wikitude, LocationManager and Accuracy

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Ok thanks to you guys I know how I can get location from Wiki.

I have problem with synchronization my exactly spot from location menager with Wikitude.

Looks like they return different values at least I can't get my exactly spot (according to compass).

Even If I do Wikitude is updating and sending that point to diffrent place.

-  If I just use Wikitude that problem should be solved? I need to check that.

I have more questions.

- Does Wikitude always return most accurate location If I am no moving.

- Does Wikitude and location menager can return diffrent values. How  is this  possible?

- How next update will affect point I just made. Can my points have huges jumps from one place to another.

If something like this is happening is this GPS fault and I can't be to blame. 

- Is possible that  location manager have worse accuracy than Wikitude.

Look like Wikitude have 25 meters accuracy and location manager have 65 meters (outdoors).

If I understood correctly  from documentation constant "LOCATION_ACCURACY" with value "2" means "MEDIUM" accuracy.

- Can I stop Wikitude from changing location...somehow...when I am no moving.

I need answers to this questions because I don't what is happening in my app when I am outdoors. 

Accuracy even with GPS is that awful?  Do need to go outside of the city and flats.

We don't have a problem like that with Android. Then again on Android you can specify a lot of stuff.

I just need to know.



Actually forget about this gps on ipad was broken. That explains everything sorry for span.

Some questions are really stupid.

Accuracy was bad simply because GPS didn't work. Until then I must believe everything will be alright with working GPS.

One question.

- Does Location Manager and Wikitude receive the same values?





Hi Cezary,

" Does Location Manager and Wikitude receive the same values?"

By Wikitude you mean the Wikitude World Browser from the AppStore? The World Browser uses the SDK which uses an CLLocationManger to receive the GPS location.


Best regards


I probably should delete this thread.

I have huge problem and diffrent questions but this thread was a wrong start. Working on a time pressure isn;t helping much.

Sorry. I will mark you answer beacues this is what wanted to hear in the end.
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