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Example code, POI from webservice

Example code, POI from webservice

Hi, I'm trying Wikitude SDK for BlackBerry 10.


Is there any sample code that explain showing POI from webservice?

I'm already read this

But I'm new on javascript, so I'm have difficulty to implement this by my self.

On Android there is sample about this, can on BB10 add this sample too?


Another question, Is how to customize the UI of POI?

Right now it has Title and Desc. How to customize it to add Image, Title and multiline Desc.




Hello Eric,

which Android Example do you mean? In general the JavaScript examples of Android work with the BB10 SDK as long as you don't use unsupported features of the BB10 SDK.

You can create your own POI layout by using the offsetX/offsetY properties of the Drawable2D objects you are using. Drawable2D objects are ImageDrawables or Labels for example. 

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