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HTMLDrawables and HTTPS

HTMLDrawables and HTTPS


My application works fine with HTMLDrawables when I'm using "" for image source. But the problem is that my server will be ssl secured, and will not work wit http. So i try to put this image source "", but didn't work.


Hi There!

I tried to reconstruct your problem and it worked for me just fine with an https-url. In order to get a better understanding of your problem, could you give me more information about your problem. Is it a local or a remote website that you want to show? Is the image solely in a <img> - html tag or is it part of a css declaration? Could it be that you entered a wrong url?



Hello Markus.

The problem is when you use self signed certificate. 

Hi again!

Is there a way that you either don't use a self-signed certificate or no https for your image download?

This seems to be a problem of the android webview itself, as it does not allow self-signed certificates for secure communication. See:


Thank you Markus for your reply,

I change my code, so image resources don't require https.

I'm using self signed certificate only for development purposes.
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