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App crash on closing ARchitect window.. also in the sample app

App crash on closing ARchitect window.. also in the sample app

I have integrated the SDK with our new AR app and it is mainly looking great, however i have hit a very big bump in the road.

Our app is a tabbed app with the AR view in one of the tabs, meaning that the user can switch to and from the AR view multiple times.

On leaving the AR view and closing the window the app will crash 99% of the time.

I thought that this was a bug that i had introduced but looking at the samples it is evident here too. If you go into and out of one of the POI views, lets say POI at Location, it will crash after a couple of times... usually the 3rd close will crash the app. In my app it is usually the 1st close.

The crash happens on both iOS and Android, although I have tested more on iOS.

Can anyone shed any light on this?

Unfortunately if i cannot resolve this then i will not be able to use Wikitude in my project

Thanks for any info, I really do want to use wikitude in our app!


I have seen a similar quesiton in the iOS part of this forum and the advice there was: 

'Are you calling and when you're switching between the tabs?'

Is this possible via titanium? I can't see anywhere where I can call start and stop!

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