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Can I run functions in my world at runtime?

Can I run functions in my world at runtime?

ok i've solved it myself, this is with titanium if anyone is interested:

Run code in your world from titanium:

There is a bridge property called 'js' which is usable, for example in ARchitect.js you can run:

_this.arview.js = "World.onDoSomething()";

and the function will be run in your world. This is limited though, i've only been able to pass strings and numbers, no objects

Trigger code in Titanium from your world:

You can use document.location = "architectsdk://yourinfo"; in your would and it will automatically trigger the function onUrlWasInvoked in your ARchitect.js file. Again this only allows you to pass strings and numbers, bit it's something.



I have just started implementing Wikitude via Titanium and so far it's looking great!

I am wondering if i can talk between titanium and my world at runtime? For example i would like to pass in an array of POIs from titanium, rather than load them via jQuery etc... is this possible?

I would also like titanium to be able to close the ARchitect and so I'm thinking that running the destroyAll() function would be a good idea, but again I dont have access from Titanium.

Is the opposite also possible? i.e. can my world trigger an event or some way run code in titanium?

I am using Android and iOS for this app.

Thanks for any advice
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