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Problems with the examples

Problems with the examples

Cant get the SDK set up properly with the examples. Keep getting this:

W/ResourceType( 6580): Bad XML block: header size 715 or total size 46837560 is larger than data size 0
C:Users\Ed\wikitudeWorkspace\WikitudeTest\res\menu\main.xml:3: error: Error: No resource found that matches the given name (at 'title' with value '@string/action_settings').

Not sure I understand the issue?

Thanks in advance

Hi Ed,

This seems to be an Eclipse set-up issue, more precisely: Related to your Android Lint preferences.
The mentioned string is yet unused but may be added in near future. You can ether delete the entry in strings.xml or adjust your lint-preferenced by right-clicking your project - "Properties"



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