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Help Using the included Titanium samples

Help Using the included Titanium samples


I got the App running on my iPhone 3GS but I can't get samples working.

First sample: "Image recogniton" -> Image on Target.

When I point the iPhone camera on that magazine picture (like here: ) I see the "Loading..." message, the message disappears but nothing happens.

The same thing happens on "3D and image recognition" -> "3D Model on Target": Loading message disappears and nothing happens.

I copied the Resources Folder to my project, clean and build few times but its not working.

What am I doing wrong? It's a iPhone 3GS issue? Or the Paths to the images, that have to show up, are wrong?

Thanks for Help.

Exact same issue for me on iPhone 4. Did you find a resolution?

Now I Have an iPhone 4.

Same problem here, I have downloaded the latest example app with new SDK from github.Titanium Studio and SDK are up to date.

The examples "Image on target" or "Multiple Targets" are showing only the message "Loading...", thats all.


Any Ideas whats wrong here? Do we need an iPhone 4s with a better camera to get the samples work?


Hello Tom,
Did you find any solution for that problem ??!!
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