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PhoneGap 2.5 + Wikitude 3.0 fails to load AR World on Xcode 4.6.3 Simulator

PhoneGap 2.5 + Wikitude 3.0 fails to load AR World on Xcode 4.6.3 Simulator


you are not able to run the Wikitude SDK on the simulator because there is no camera and sensors. You have to test your app on a device. 

onDeviceSupported will return false and/or there is also a callback if the device is not supproted (in js only).


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Hi Guys,

Basically Im a front end developer on my first time running and using this amazing SDK for an AR prototype im building. The specs are stated on the subject and by following the easy steps on the "Setup Guide PhoneGap Plugin iOS" page, I was able to build and run the phonegap app on the xcode simulator. Problem now is that I couldnt seem to load the AR world from the xcode simulator (even after clicking the blinking "Load AR" p element). I have searched around the net and couldnt find anything. I even tried logging to the console if there are any errors, and all I got was that the code stops after initialization of the Hello World App. What fails to start or get called is the "onDeviceSupportedCallback" function which means that the Wikitude App wasnt event able to run WikitudePlugin.isDeviceSupported or atleast stops there.

I am really excited to get going once I have this running. Even started reading te API, but Ive bumped into a wall and cant move any further. Please let me know what I should do, if its something in my configuration, a bug on the latest builds or is it just because Its not allowing me to test it from the xcode simulator. Any help would be appreciated! :)
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