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polylines and polygons in ARML channel

polylines and polygons in ARML channel

Hi Ravio,

thanks for your inquiry. Indeed, you are right that ARML2 comes with Polylines and Polygons. However, ARML2 is not yet supported in the SDK and in Wikitude. The 3.0 release was very much focussed on our own Image Recognition package. ARML2 support is scheduled for one of the upcoming releases.



As I understood, ARML 2.0 will support polylines and polygons as addition to current point-only strategy. Basically my intention is to set up a channel that loads data from GIS. So I expect new possibilities to create GIS-oriented applications where POI could mean also Polygon-Of-Interest or Polyline-Of-Interest. Wikitude released SDK 3.0 recently. Is my wish maybe fulfilled there or is it still my dream yet waiting to come true?


Raivo Alla

Estonian Land Board 
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