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Json Data not loaded

Json Data not loaded

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I am testing ARBrowser Example, it works fine but when i try to use in my code, Json Data is not loaded. Please guide me

Hi imran,

can you help us understand your problem in more detail? Can you let us know the exact steps you are doing and what the error is you are seeing?

Kind regards - Phil

Thanks for your reply,

I downloaded WikiTude SDK and import given SimpleARBrowser in eclipse. It works fine. Now i need to demonstrate the same after integration with my existing App to my senior. When i use same code in my project, Json data is not loaded rather just blank camera screen appears with wikitude logo on bottom left.

Please advise,


I am using architectView.onCreate(""); as right now I have no API Key Available.

This Works Fine in SimpleARBrowser Example App, But when same code is used in My App, it shows blank camera screen with logon on left bottom with out POIs.

Please let me know whether Apikey is mandatory if yes how can i get one for testing and showing a demo to my boss.

Looking for your responce, please


Kind Regards,

Muhammad Imran

I've tested this on different Android devices, but could not reproduced the problem you describe.

Since the new version of the SDK will be released shortly, I suggest you wait for the new release, and try again.

However, if the SimpleARBrowser is running fine on your device, it could be a problem with your input data. Could you post some samples of the data you are using?

The API key is not mandatory, if you build your app without configuring a license key, it will simply display a logo, and a "Trial" watermark on your screen.
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