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Problem with HtmlDrawable

Problem with HtmlDrawable

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I?ve tried to change AR. ImageDrawable into AR.HtmlDrawable in the Simple project, and the object is rendered properly. When I click on the object, the details activity is started. But when I press the back button, the main activity crashes.  I got the following error:

E/libEGL(5165): call to OpenGL ES API with no current context (logged once per thread)

W/EglHelper(5165): start() tid=10

W/EglHelper(5165): createContext tid=10

W/GLThread(5165): egl createSurface

W/EglHelper(5165): createSurface()  tid=10

E/libEGL(5165): eglCreateWindowSurface  format=1

I/Main thread(5165): onWindowResize waiting for render complete from tid=10

W/GLThread(5165): onSurfaceCreated

E/libEGL(5165): called unimplemented OpenGL ES API

W/GLThread(5165): onSurfaceChanged(480, 800)


I try to put this code in the manifest, but didn?t help.


Hi there,

Thanks for pointing out this issue.
We are aware of it and investigating on a solution.
Stay tuned for next SDK update.
In the meantime please use AR.ImageDrawables and AR.Labels to cover your needs.

Sorry for inconvenience.

Kind regards,

Andreas, when do you see fit for this SDK Update? We want to render HTML Drawables to so we don't have to download 10 bg images from the backend..
When will you think this will be possible.
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