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Execution Targets are messed up

Execution Targets are messed up
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Here's another issue with the execution targets. In my URLs I'm putting a unique id for each placemark (like id=<placemark_id). When I check the generated ARML-file everything is okay. Now I click on a Placemark in the map-view of Wikitude. Sometimes the URL isn't called at all (even after a restart). If I click the same placemark twice the URL gets called with different IDs. But neither one is the correct ID. Most of the time the ID isn't even within the same world. It is from one of my worlds alright - but not the one I'm looking at. So far the ID hasn't been right for once.

I'm testing with a Medion Tablet (Model MD_LIFETAB_P5961) running Android 4.0.3 (Kernel Version and Wikitude 7.7
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