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Problems AR.Model

Problems AR.Model

I've had a look at your 3D model and why it is not rendered on the device. It seems that it defines RGBA colours and sets the alpha values to 0.0. Please have a look at your source 3d model file and investigate why the alpha is set to 0.0.

Additionally we made the implementation more robust so the model will display correctly. Fix will be in the next version of the SDK. However the root cause seems to be in the source model.

You can share the source model so we can have a look at it as well.

Please redownload the SDK from our website and reinstall ARchitect Viewer with the included version. If it still doesn't work please let me know.


if I'm using the attached code in case of errors ade.js not brand me but in the code that attach a try to validate management load track here the track goes smoothly but when I load the 3d model brand that the function is undefined in this case I have two questions.



1. - With the example I show you can see the 3d model?

2. - You can give me a working sample with all that I have to have in this case would be an example snecillo?

3. - In the case I'm using the 2.0 sdk?

4. - What you upgraded the architect viwer


Hi. I'm not sure if i understood you correctly.

Do you get a Javascript error?
Are you using the attached example?
What SDK version do you use?
Does ADE (ade.js) show any errors in the console?

Please post detailed information about the error and/or how to reproduce it.


hello excuse the inconvenience but I still have the same porblema to show a 3D model as sige monstrandome that the function is not defined in this case as you have seen in the code I showed you earlier model function is not loaded correctly.


comentavas possibly earlier were problems with the model changed the model and I eh what the same problem ...


one could give me some help thanks


mmm but it has nothing to see as the purpose architect.js AR.model brand as indefinite, from what I understand they have problems with some of its functions ...


  oh the problem is on my side and you mention that I have possibly coded problemascon my model but if so I could not play with the Wikitude interpret ..


thanks for everything

thanks for uploading your world. That made it easier to verify what the problem is.

It seems that something is wrong with the encoded model, but only on the device. This needs further investigations, which I can schedule for next week. If you happen to have a different model please use it instead in the meantime.

I'll let you know once I know more.


because I'm using the sdk provided me on the official website so I guess that is the latest update of the SDK. on ade.js to used but in truth I was a great help because the script using "architect :/ / architect.js" not loaded with never guess ade, js should be uploaded ....


eh actually tested with the example provided on the site and none of the example of a 3D model to run I do not understand why it would be assumed to be correct ..


a question testeaste code you pass the following link in this case I would like to know what is wrong




I later apology is answering your answers but no time difference since I contacted you from mexico ......


Thanks for all the help ...

Okay. To make sure there isn't any javascript error you should run it in a desktop browser using the ADE (ade.js). This allows you to use the debugging tools a desktop browser offers.

Addtionally make sure you are using the latest SDK (2.0). 

I have the same problem I do not understand why annex a link to download the code and do not understand what the problem thanks for the help

Thanks friend but I change the line AR.Modelo for  AR.Model the menera you indicate and I have the same problem I do not understand what the problem is


In this line:

var modelo_3d = new AR.Modelo("appleTV.wt3",{onLoaded:carga2,onError:error2});

you are mistakenly use AR.Modelo. It should be AR.Model.


I have problems with the method to load a 3D model in this case I'm using

"Var = new AR.Modelo modelo_3d (" appleTV.wt3 ");" to run the script says that the "Model" method not defined


not what the problem I hope you can help me leave my sample code


<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">

<html xmlns="" xml:lang="en" lang="en">



<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html" />

  <meta name="viewport" content="target-densitydpi=device-dpi, width = 540, user-scalable = 0" />

<meta name="author" content="jmendez" />


  <script type="text/javascript" src="architect://architect.js"></script>




    function carga()

    {document.getElementById("deHuevos").innerHTML = "track cargado";}


    function error()

    {document.getElementById("deHuevos").innerHTML = "error track";}




    function carga2()

    {document.getElementById("deHuevos").innerHTML = "modelo cargado";}


    function error2()

    {document.getElementById("deHuevos").innerHTML = "error modelo";}




    function Track_Logo()


      var path = "";

      var logoTracker = new AR.Tracker(path,{onLoaded:carga,onError:error});




        var modelo_3d = new AR.Modelo("appleTV.wt3",{onLoaded:carga2,onError:error2});        

        var trackable2DObject = new AR.Trackable2DObject(logoTracker, "Wikitude_logo", { drawables: { cam: modelo_3d }});




        document.getElementById("deHuevos").innerHTML = "Error =>"+e.message;









<title>Sin título 2</title>



<body onload="javascript:AR.logger.activateDebugMode();"> 




  <div id="deHuevos" style="width: 300px;height: 100px;background: #00FF00" >g a t o s 1</div>




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