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Serial Key for educational use

Serial Key for educational use

Hi Community,


i downloaded the SDK for wikitude. Can i use the serial keys from the examples inside "WikitudeSDK_1_2_1_AndroidExamples" for educational use.

If i cant than where can i get a serial Key for a educational version?

I developed a little wikitude app which is part of my bachelor thesis about a AR technology comparison. i could still use the test version but the watermarks shown in the cam view are a little disturbing.



Hi Christian,

Please order the Educational License via our store and make sure you provide a valid Android package name for the serial key. After you placed your order, we'll generate and send you the license key.



i want to know if educational wikitude keys are still available?


My colleauge will send you the license key once she handles your request form. Pls stay tuned.



Hi Community,

I'm Maximo student in "Universidad de Valparaíso", Chile, and now I find using their libs and I would like to see if there is a possibility to access an educational license.

I would be so much help make my school project.



Sorry for my English


Hi Maximo,

If you wish to apply for an educational license then please fill in the form in the Academy page here.


Thank you!

I am waiting for an answer 

Hei, I needed help.

I want to build my wikitude project using unity and remove trial watermark. somebody help?

sorry for my English.

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