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Is there a release date for Titanium Module?

Is there a release date for Titanium Module?

Somebody answer us?

If the module has been canceled, we would like to know.

Please, any news?


It seems that the link in blog post announcing the titanium module points to invalid url

Is it has really been cancelled?

Hi guys,

I'm very sorry that based on the thread here you reached the impression, that the module is cancelled. I can confirm the opposite, that the module is being released in few days. Today we are releasing a major update to the Wikitude SDK, which made it necessary to postpone work on the Titanium module. We are finishing the module and testing the module with the new SDK and will make it available to you in the next days.

GREAT!!!! :D


we just pushed the Titanium Module for Wikitude SDK 3.0 to our Github repository. We are looking forward to your feedback.

Kind regards

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