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No Cordova.plist found

No Cordova.plist found

Are you using the brand new PhoneGap version 2.3.0, which was release 7/Jan/2013? The Wikitude plugin is currently only tested with PhoneGap 2.2.0. In 2.3.0 cordova.plist has been changed to config.xml 



2. Cordova.plist is changed to config.xml

The configuration Cordova.plist file has been changed to config.xml ? it comes in a new format that is the same as the Android config.xml. If you are upgrading, you will need to convert your existing Cordova.plist by running the bin/cordova_plist_to_config_xml script. The 2.3.0 project itself will warn you (in the console log) if you are still using the old Cordova.plist and tell you to upgrade.

Try to edit the new config.xml accordingly - we are working on a updated Plugin compliant to 2.3.0 in the next weeks.


I created a new phonegap project according to the getting started guide on phonegaps site and the directions in setting up wikitude say to modify a Cordova.plist that is not there. Do I need to create one?
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