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Crash after updating iOS project to SDK 1.2

Crash after updating iOS project to SDK 1.2


Hi there.

I've just replaced SDK files in my working iOS project. Nothing else has been modified but now the app crashes at the moment it presents the cam view.

The console throws this error:

              -: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x1c5d4590


Should I modify anything from my code to update SDK?. Please help.



Can you confirm that you added the following linker flag -ObjC in Xcode? If not please add it and the error should be gone.


Ooops!. You're right.


My fault. I missed that one.


Thanks for your help.

I got the same problem. But adding -ObjC doesn't solve the problem. have you already fixed your issue?

Hi Danny.

Yes. After adding -ObjC everything went ok for me.
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