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KML upload won't save in world

KML upload won't save in world

Hi David,

it seems that the KML file missed some information.

In particular, try to add the Point section, such as:



and upload again your KML file.

Kind Regards,




Hi Simone,

I was wondering if that was the case with the url.  My developer key is:  qioxnel

In general, KML can contain 3D models, correct?



Hi David,

First of all thanks for your interest in Wikitude. I apologize for the issue and we 'll do our best in order to solve it.

In general, when you save the KML file into our system then it is stored into the cloud. This is the reason you see a "strange url instead of KML" .

Did you mind to provide us with the developer key related to your World? Then, I'll check it asap.



I am trying to create a new world via KML file.  I upload the KML file and go through the process.  Everything here looks good.  However, when I go to edit the world, the KML file is missing and a strange url is present.  When I try to view the object in the AR viewer, an error occurs, citing the strange url.

Is this where it is saving my KML file, and if so, why does it produce this error in the viewer?  Or is there a problem with the uploaded KML?

Any help would be much appreciated.

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